Save Champion Hill

August 2018

Southwark have re-submitted the plans with 2 tiny amendments:

  • flats reduced from 36 to 35 in number

  • block "B" is now set back at the top, rather than being a plain concrete tower.

This is negotiating on the details. The plan is still too dense, too high and risks the safety of the community it wants to house.

I urge you to submit your comments against this trivial negotiation and demand a total redesign, at

You can see the amended documents here or on a Google Drive copy


March 2018

Images illustrating Weston Williamson + Partner's misleading visualisations for the Seavington House development:

Seavington House, view looking South West: falsified render view submitted by Southwark Council/Weston Williamson + Partners, overlayed with indicative height guide.

Seavington House, view looking South West: Indicative true massing representation. The council’s proposed new development is 16.4m high

Seavington House: View looking North, not shown by Southwark Council/Weston Williamson + Partners in their design and access statement.


February 2018

Southwark Council have submitted their application for the redevelopment of Seavington House and Garages. The application number is 18/AP/0532 and the deadline for comments is the 29th of March 2018.

Comments can be left via the website:

There is more information on submitting comments here:

Weston Williamson + Partners' design and access statement, which outlines the proposal and includes floor plans and visualisations can be downloaded as a PDF


End of October 2017

Southwark Council are likely to submit the planning application for the scheme at Seavington House at the end of October/beginning of November. Please check back here shortly for the planning application number and further information.


November 2016 - September 2017

A series of consultations have taken place between Southwark Council and local representatives.The following boards were presented: