Save Champion Hill

Champion Hill needs your help!

The London Borough of Southwark are planning to erect three five-storey blocks on the site of Seavington House on Champion Hill at the junction with Dog Kennel Hill.

They want to railroad through their plan to:

  • Build three 5-storey blocks right up to both Dog Kennel Hill and Champion Hill roadways
  • Cram 36 families into a site that presently holds 10 small flats
  • Force people to live right on top of a noisy polluted junction (all other buildings near this crossroads are set well back from the road)
  • Cut down up to 20 trees, many of which are mature and significant in size
  • Destroy the present green spaces at the crossroads and along Champion Hill
  • Offer amenity and play spaces that are much too small
  • Make no space whatsoever for any car parking for residents, visitors, care workers, and deliveries
  • Increase the dangers of Champion Hill's much too narrow pavements already crowded by many school children with parents and buggies going to all the local schools. The main entrance for approx 150 new residents will be right onto Champion Hill near the crossroads

Champion Hill is a distinct neighbourhood on the crown of the hill overlooking Westminster, and this eastern end is its main gateway. This green and open prospect to this historic area deserves to be preserved - not destroyed!

It is now clear that Southwark Council intend to push through this plan, ignoring local representations asking for these three new blocks to blend with the context of Champion Hill east. Consultation has been patchy with registered attendees complaining of not receiving follow-up information.

We are 100% sympathetic to the need for more Council homes and for these to be built on the Council-owned land along Champion Hill. But the new Council residents deserve better than flats right on the noisy and traffic polluted junction of Dog Kennel Hill.

This is our neighbourhood - we are calling for everyone in this neighbourhood to ALL strive TOGETHER to come up with a SAFER, GREENER ALTERNATIVE to Southwark’s wholly mistaken plan - and still house the same number of new tenants, whilst preserving Champion Hill’s historic leafy and open prospect - IT IS POSSIBLE!